Construction and Road Works

Do you need imagery of your Mine, Quarry, Construction Site, Road Works, Progression of the build, a record of the material on the job, Insurance damage, Training videos, Promotion content or a large print on the wall? We can help you with that.

Photography & Videography Services

Aerial Photography Video and Film services, 4k HD-video footage and 20 megapixel RAW imagery. We operate from the ground which allows us to include you in the photo / video selection process.


Development Imagery

We work with developers, planners and architects to show the aerial aspect view of your job site and or a 360 degree video to better assess the overall site progression.


Roof Inspections And Hard To Get Places

Faster, safer and cheaper. We can inspect a roof from the ground instead of setting up scaffolding at the site. You are able to guide us to the spot of concern some times 3 feet from the building, then back at your office review the 4K footage or pull photos from the footage to print or for further examination.


Real Estate, Land, Farms and Property

Do you have a House, Farm, block of land or property you need a unique photo or video to show size, location to beach, lake, river, shop, school etc., we can work with you, the Real Estate Agent or deal directly with your customer, photos and or video are ready the next working day in most cases.



2D and 3D Mapping & Survey

Our drones can be used for 2D and 3D Aerial mapping services and then by using software that automatically converts images taken by the drone and delivers highly precise, georeferenced 2D maps, 3D models as well as traditional maps. They’re customizable, timely and compatible with a wide range of applications and software.





Realtor Bret Curtis
Photos & Video by DC4H.COM
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Realtor Marie Curtis
Photos & Video by DC4H.COM

Realtor Marie Curtis
Photos & Video by DC4H.COM
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This new technology continues to emerge, have an idea on how drones can be applied?
We would love to hear it.

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